Reflective journal- DIAGNOSTIC

Week 4


Our first day project consisted of directing and performing an art performance piece to an allocated piece of music. The day project was a group collaboration between five peers. The day started with a prepared presentation by the tutor. The presentation asked us questions about performance art. My understanding of the subject is, it's a way of storytelling through your body and anything can be a performance as long as there is an audience. Anybody and anything can perform, for example, light, puppets, objects, audience... We see performance everywhere we look, conversations, body language, tv, radio, events... A storyboard is used to plan a guidline of story of events which is then fit into a performance piece and viewed by an audience.  


My first impressions of the music was it reminds me of death. The music was very morbid and lifeless, the crows echo back and forth at a distance. I wanted to twist this idea of death on its head and give the music a positive vibe. For example, a woman getting ready for marriage on her wedding morning. I envisioned our performance to be looking at the woman from the outside of the room either through a window or keyhole. I could have seen the keyhole being a frame for the set. However my group had other ideas which they thought were better so I went along with the story of a woman giving birth and then having to give her baby away. We were all allocated positions behind the screen to portray our story- I was on lighting. I enjoyed this role as lighting I think is a key part in the performance and really influences the mood and story we were trying to tell. The lighting started off then dimmed in as the woman walked toward the front of the screen then as the sheet came up and moved in a 'wave' motion the lighting started to flash and the tension of the piece increased. Coloured sheets of acetate were slotted into the light which was one of the positive feedbacks be received as a group- "great use of colour, looks like the morning light and links well with the crows, also representing the morning". Other feedback we received was, "runs smoothly", "the music represents the infant" and it was very "abstract". 



The three key purposes for costume are to reshape, reform and perform- This is the difference between fashion and costume. Costume garments are used to change the body shape according to the performer and their role. Each performer has a particular way of moving. The three categorise are the wheel (moving only back and forth, fanning the arms round), the table (moving which ever way you want with arms and hands at hip level), and finally the door (reaching wherever you can by standing still). Theory of this was drawn by Oscar Schlemmer.


In pairs we took turns recording each others movements, alternating Oscar Schlemmer's theory of the wheel, table and door. I made quick drawings of the movements, just drawing the legs and arms moving in sequence on the page. While moving I found the bottom half of my 



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