Reflective journal- DIAGNOSTIC

Week 3




Started off with a group talk about various designers and architectures. Then to be split into groups of 6 where we were given 40 short bamboo sticks, 10 larger sticks and cable ties. In out groups we were told to construct a structured shape. Then to draw and record our shapes in our sketchbooks and think of a purpose and a function. This could be a building, tourist attraction, bridge, statue...  During individual working time I drew our 'building' in different surroundings looking at scale and function. I also used mixed media to design a street landscape and draw where my building would be placed. Today was a very successful day as I enjoy getting hands on with the practical work and I feel the course is now starting to pick up.

Product design



Today started off with a group discussion on chairs. Talking about the different purposes for a chair and the functions, to sit, for lounging, eating, travelling,waiting, working/education, comfort or leisure... As an independent task we were instructed to walk around the university sight (inside and out) recording drawings of different 'chairs' and looking at what I would class as a chair. I did some observational annotations along side my quick sketches. I noted down design, materials, function, where it was found in the building, size,  shape, colour, texture and how it was constructed/made. In total I collected 12 quick sketches. From them I developed on a basic chair design. Designing 5 possible ideas in 10 minuets. My favourite drawing was taken and made from paper into a model (1:5). And then into manufacture stage using limited materials (1:1).
I received feedback from one of my peers saying they liked the soft padding on the back and the indented seat. Also how the masking tape holds the wadding in place and looks like a skeletons ribs. However to improve I should change the chair legs and improve the look as this was rushed as the day came to a close. Overall I really enjoyed today, especially turning my own designs from observational research into a model and then into a life size product.




Jewellery is one of the specialist pathways I am really interested in. The day started with a group powerpoint and talk about designers. Examples of their work which stood out to me are found on my information file. I was very interested in the idea of restriction and the work of one of the UAL BA students, Ekaterina Polikarpova in the exhibition Restless Futures.

In 20 minuets I designed as many ideas as I could with the word restriction on my mind. My final piece was a metal body piece which expresses, 'What women want!' my 'mock up' was designed to be fitted to the female owerglass shape/figure, squeezing the waist in, holes for the chest to be squeezed into and pushed together. The piece extended up to the face making a cuff round the back of the head to the cheeks,pushing the cheek bones up and defining the facial features. 

Using the limited materials I had in the time I left myself was very hard. Next time I will leave more time for making because I felt the final outcome didn't support my planning and development idea well enough. It could have been something great.



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